Spring Aqua Support Reviews

At Spring Aqua Support Here, we do two things.

  1. We answer any general questions regarding water and our technology for interested parties.

  2. We answer purchasing questions for people who are interested in having our technology.

To schedule a call with Support Team, please get back with the person who sent you the educational information so that they may assist you.




Name: Paul

Location: Middlesfield, OH

Customer Since: July 2019

Not only is Spring Aqua awesome water but the customer support their team provides is second to none! Thanks the support team for everything.


Location: Tempe, Arizona

Customer Since: March 2019


Hey Guys....just a shout out to Spring Aqua.  We absolutely love the new machine we now have.  Installation went well....Scott is a great installer.   The support team has always been right there to answer any and all questions.  Could not be happier.  The water tastes great and we are now enjoying the benefits of super clean high alkaline and negative hydrogen ion water.  This is truly an investment in ourselves that we wish we had know about many years ago.  Anyway two thumbs up to the entire Spring Aqua team!!!


Location: Beverly Hills, CA and Constanta, Romania

Customer Since: November 2018


All my life I was looking for the cleanest and healthiest water in the world and fortunately in August 2018 I found it and started drinking it and what happened next changed my life forever! First I noticed the exceptionally pure and delicious taste of this amazing miraculous water and a few minutes later I felt so good and I wanted to drink more water and the more I drank the more I wanted to drink and I did not feel bloated! My body was so happy that I was in the mood to sing and dance for no apparent reason but I know exactly why all my 100 trillion cells or my entire body was happy: it is the Spring Aqua H best ever water! Also, I felt an inner peace I never felt before and I sleep so deep now, I can't believe that pure and healthy water can make so much difference in someone's health but I am not all surprised because 90% of our blood is water! I highly recommend this healing and therapeutic water to every soul in the world! Tony Davis, Beverly Hills, CA,USA

Location: Joliet, IL
Customer Since: October 2018

There was a problem with the taste of the water. I spoke with the customer service about it and they came out to Chicago today to assess the situation.

We realized the my water in my area is much worse than expected. So the company is going to send me different set of filters to solve the problem.

They really do stand behind their product and service. They really take care of the customers.


Location: Torrance, CA

Customer Since: October 2017


The water is absolutely amazing, the taste is so smooth and healthy. I have had many different water systems before and there nothing compares to this. The company is very professional and very informative. I feel safe with this product. The water is really very important for us.I want add that the company is making good progress in making everything better.


Location: Seattle, WA

Customer Since: September 2017


Amazing water technology. So many of my friends are drinking it. Initially I thought the price was high, but after doing the math of how much I was spending on buying water, it turns out that Spring Aqua was totally worth it. What convinced me was when I tried the water, it tasted great and I knew it would benefit my health.

Location: Yakima, WA
Customer Since: September 2017

We purchased this system last September after doing about 4 months of research and are so happy we did.  We offer it to all of our patients and clients at HealthWithin Wellness Center.  Best pure, clean, safe drinking water with the benefits of H2.  Kenny the founder is passionate about bringing safe, clean therapeutic water to the masses.  If you are buying bottled water it's a "no brainer"  if not what is your health worth to you?  Our water is toxic!

Name: Lauren

Location: New York City

Customer Since: July 2017


For over a year and a half Spring Aqua has continued to be the only water we drink in my house, as well as my business. On the very rare occasion that something needs attention from customer support. They address and resolves within minutes. We couldn’t be happier.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Customer Since: June 2017

I've been drinking the water now for over a year. Filters are very easy to replace, the water taste great. I use to have r/o system but after learning how r/o removes all the minerals I got freaked out and wanted a machine that not only filters the water but adds back in the minerals I need for healthy skin, etc. Couldn't be happier with this machine, I've even told my parents to get one and they recently got theirs installed!


Location: Kenmore, WA

Customer Since: June 2017


Love the water. So clean, so fresh, and I got through my first filter cycle already. I have to say the filters are improved from the previous cycle. I love the way the company makes improvements. I also recently bought their shower filter and it is an Amazing product. Everyone must have it.


Location: Bothell, WA

Customer Since: January 2017


Have had the water machine for just under two years. Love the water and how clean it tastes!

Location: Bellingham, WA
Customer Since: January 2017

This water filtration is so good that my husband and I put one not only in our house but our RV and in our bunkhouse in Alaska.  Three machines and I want another one for my apartment in our other location in Alaska.  Yes it's that good.  Once you start drinking this pure, safe, clean water, and do your research on the dangers of bottled and or tap water, you cannot drink anything else.


Location: Seattle, WA

Customer Since: November 2016


My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner presentation from Spring Aqua Chris has a good sense of humor and did a fantastic job explaining the health concerns regarding water quality. There were many things I didn't know about water quality that I took for granted because I was led to believe that the water quality in Seattle was excellent. But with this new information, I now know better and so it has led me to be proactive about ensuring that my family and friends receive the highest and healthiest quality of water by directing them to Spring Aqua.