Safe to Consume

Spring Aqua clean water technology is manufactured in a NSF certified facility and approved by SGS.


Environmentally Safe

Our technology does not waste water. The filters are made from medical grade plastic that is recycled.


Energy Independent - No Electricity Used

Our technology does not use electricity or power. It relies on the water pressure from the pipes.


Medical Grade Steel Faucet

We provide a beautiful 316-L surgical grade stainless steel faucet. Water is a life long necessity. This faucet ensure that there will be no leaching of metals from the faucet itself.

Leak Protection

A safety switch for leaks is built in to help protect your home and the water machine itself from major issues.


Annual Filter Replacements

Spring Aqua main system 14 filters are certified for 12 to 18 months or 1600 gallons. The quality of water, consumption volume and proper maintenance of Pre Filters are factors that determine the duration of the filter.


Installation and Warranty

We provide professional installation so that the technology is safely, neatly tucked under the sink, or where you desire it to be. It comes with a 5 year warranty extendable up 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.


Localized Filter by Zones and Zip Codes
We have identified 6 different zones for our filters. Water is different everywhere. Some areas water is harder with a higher mineral content, some areas water is softer, and some areas water is from the well. Our zip code database will determine your zone. The zones will help determine the type of filters one would receive and the maintenance schedule.