Pre Set Filter Installation

1. You will need pre-set filters, and 1/4 nylon water pipe, both are provided by Spring Aqua.​

2. For the water supply, you will need to attach a 1/4 inch split T (not provided by Spring Aqua) from under the sink COLD water line. Many people use a brass splitter to 1/4 pipe or the John Guest 3/8 in. Comp x 1/4 in. O.D. Polypropylene Push-to-Connect Angle Stop Adapter Valve and attach it to the cold water line.

3. Take the white 1/4 pipe and cut it halve.


4. Attach the pipe to the splitter from under the sink to the metal frame. Whichever side the water line is coming in is how you will set up P1, P2 and P3.


5. Water will flow from P1 to P2 to P3. Connect the other 1/4 pipe from the metal frame (after P3) to the back of the Spring Aqua 14 filter system on the White Line.


6. Once all the pipes are connected, make sure you check all the pipes that are “push connect” to make sure that they are pushed all the way in.


7. Turn on the water supply and flush for 5 liters.


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