Pre-Filter #1 (Orange) Change

1. Shut off the water supply from the under the sink. You may turn the shutoff valve off from the cold water supply or turn the water off by using the shutoff valve that is connecting the water supply to the machine.

2. Once the water has been turned off, run the water from the Spring Aqua Faucet to make sure no more water is coming out.

3. Reach into P1 Filter, turn counter-clockwise until it can’t move anymore and then you may pull downwards to remove. This process may require a little bit of force because of the filter may be pressurized.

4. Take the new P1 filter and install it by aligning it, pushing it up, and turning it clockwise.

5. Turn the water supply back on

6. Make sure there is no leaks and flush the system for about 30 seconds.