Portable Install

1. Open the box and remove all the filters. Inside the front door, there is a map of filters.

2. Take measurement in accordance to the image shown.

3. Take apart the faucet and use the two hole ring to make the circle to cut.

4. Turn the filter box upside down to make sure that there is nothing in the way before you drill.​

5. Carefully drill a hole from the top, there is a plastic layer and metal layer to drill through. Please make sure you have the right drill bit and the hole size should be 1 inch and ¼.

6. Once the hole has been drilled, clean up the area and install the faucet. The nuts and two hole ring will be inside the machine screwing the faucet right.

7. Install the push connectors to the faucet base. Right side will be blue pipe and left side will be red pipe.

8. Put all the filters back in by using the map on the inside of the front door panel.

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