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Spring Aqua mission and passion is to bring goodness to the world by helping people in developing Pure, Clean, Safe, and Life promoting water.

Understanding Spring Aqua:


PURE: The ability for a person to have a water system that mimics an ecosystem in a box, or a mountain in a box and drink "Spring" like water everyday.

CLEAN: It is very important to make sure the water is clean before any added benefits are introduced to the water.

Safe: This water is safe to consume for everyone. By localizing filters by region, we are able to deliver high water quality everywhere and a faucet that is made from 316-L Medical Grade Stainless Steel.


Life: Once we have PURE, CLEAN, SAFE figured out, lets put in all the life-promoting benefits into the water. Read below about the benefits of hydrogen water, mineral water, micro-clustering water, and pH balance water.

Drinking Water