Instruction for 14 Filter System 2 BOX System (GOLD AND RED)

A. What to Purchase before installation begins? (not provided by Spring Aqua – things that you need to provide)

1. There should be an existing cold water line and a hot water line coming out from the wall under the sink that runs up towards the faucet of your kitchen sink providing it hot and cold tap water. You will need to purchase a split T from the hardware store that splits that cold water, one line will be going to the main faucet of the sink and the other line will be going into the Spring Aqua water system.

Here are some most common split T splitters at the Hardware Store.

  • John Guest 3/8 in. Comp x 1/4 in. O.D. Polypropylene Push-to-Connect Angle Stop Adapter

  • Brass splitter to 1/4

2. Correct drill bit for the kitchen counter. Make sure there is a hole or extra hole to fit the faucet on the sink. The hole needs to be in 1 inch and 1/4 in size. Please make sure you use the correct drill bit for the right type of countertop surface. Many people use existing soap dispensers holes or holes with a plastic cap on it for their new Spring Aqua faucet.


3. Basic Plumbing Tools and Equipment are necessary.


  1. Large Rectangular Box that will have the gold machine

  2. Medium Large Rectangular box that will have the red machine

  3. Small Rectangular Box with Spring Aqua orange pre-filters

    • P1 (Zone 1 and 2) or

    • P1, P2, P3 (Zone 3 and 4), or

    • P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 (Zone 5 and 6)

C. Accessory Pack

Spring Aqua Gold and Red 14 Filter System comes with an accessory pack (flat wide rectangle box) which includes

  1. 1 X blue ¼ inch nylon pipe

  2. 1 X ¼ inch nylon red pipe

  3. 1 X ¼ inch nylon white pipe

  4. 1 X wrench extension for Faucet Installation

  5. 2 X cotton balls (already in the gold and red box)

  6. 5 X hole plugs to plug the water exits on the machine

  7. 6 X elbow connectors

  8. Min 10 X horseshoe locks,

  9. 3 X Faucet Push Connectors

  10. 1 X Splitter (do not use, works for Asia and Europe)

  11. 1 X faucet


  1. Take faucet out of the brown box.

Faucet Front

Faucet Back

2. Make sure there is an existing hole for the faucet, if not, please drill a hole.

3. Install the faucet into the hole by loosening the nuts and removing the two hole ring. The two hole ring will go under the sink and the nuts will be a screw and tighten from under the sink with the plastic wrench (#4) is provided in the box.

4. Install the push connectors on the faucet, the blue line on the right and the red line on the left.  Make sure the pipes are pushed all the way in until the end and then tug on it to make sure it doesn’t come off. Make sure the blue locks are not removed.



A short video on how push connect works


Make sure all pipes and connectors are pushed all the way in.



1. Shut off the water supply. There is a shut-off valve or knob is usually located under the sink for the cold-water line. Turn it off. To CHECK: Run cold water from the faucet above your sink to make sure no more water is coming out.

2. Install the split T that you purchased.

3. Cut the “white” ¼ inch nylon pipe (3) into 4 pieces. You can use the plastic wrench tool provided by us to eye ball the measurement. Make sure all the pipes are cut 90 degrees perpendicular and not at an angle.

  1. 1st white pipe about 1 wrench length

  2. 2nd white pipe about 5 wrench length

  3. 3rd white pipe about 5 wrench length

  4. And the remainder would be used for the 4th white pipe.

4. Insert elbow connectors to both ends of the pre-filter, be sure to attach blue horseshoe locks to both end of elbow connectors.

5. Connect the 1st white pipe from the ORANGE Pre Filter side labeled “IN” to the Blue Shut off valve.

6. Connect the 2nd white pipe from the split T from the wall (water source) to the shut-off valve of the pre-filter.

7. Connect the 3rd white pipe to the ORANGE Pre Filter side labeled “Out”.

8. Turn the water on, make sure all the shut-off values are on, and flush the Pre Filter for 1 min.

9. Turn the water off and turn the shut-off valve off on the pre-filter so that no more water is coming out.

10. Setting Up the GOLD AND RED BOX by taking the ELBOW Connectors and pushing them into all the holes in the GOLD AND RED BOX (5 total)

11. Connect the pipe coming out of the pre-filter into the Gold Box back labeled “IN”

12. Organize the GOLD AND RED Box so that they can all fit under the sink. 

13. Connect the 4th white pipe from the back of the GOLD BOX Labeled “C” to the back of RED BOX Labeled “IN”

14. Connect the RED Faucet LINE to the back of the GOLD BOX labeled “E”

15. Connect the BLUE Faucet LINE to the back of the RED BOX labeled “H”

16. Secure the horseshoe locks on the all the push connectors.

  1. Pre Filters (2 locks)

  2. Faucet (2 locks, should come installed already)

  3. Shut off Valve of the Pre Filters (2 locks)

  4. Gold Box (3 locks)

  5. Red Box (2 locks)

17. Organize all the boxes so that everything looks clean and ready to go.

18. Turn on the water supply and run the water left side and right side simultaneously.

19. Take a flashlight and shine it on all the pipes and connectors to make sure that there are no leaks.

20. Flush both sides together for 10 mins, and then flush an additional 10 mins on the right side.

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