Filter Improvement

Flow Rate
2017: Slow Flow Rate
2018: Much Increased Flow Rate (new interior design)
2019: Steady Stronger Flow Rate with no Air Clogs

Longer Lasting Filters
2017: Filters are certified to last 12 months
2018: Filters are certified to last 18 months
2019: Filters are certified to last 18 months.

Mineral Quality Improved
2017: Mineral content is good
2018: Mineral content-enhanced and slightly sweeter (higher quality raw material)
2019: Trace Mineral content-enhanced and more consistent over filter duration period.

Hydrogen Improvement
2017: Hydrogen performance good
2018: Hydrogen performance 100% enhanced (New design and higher quality raw material)
2019: Hydrogen performance consistent and no air clogs

Cost Improvement
2017: Filter renewal cost $275 for 12 months
2018: Filter renewal cost $360 for 18 months
2019: Filter renewal cost $360 for 18 months

Sales Tax and Shipping ($24.95) are additional.


Localized Filter by Zones and Zip Codes

2017: Spring Aqua did not localized filters be regions

2018: We have identified 6 different zones for our filters. Water is different everywhere. Some areas water is harder with a higher mineral content, some areas water is softer, and some areas water is from the well. Our zip code database will determine your zone.

Zone 1 and 2 (comes with additional 1 pre-filter for Gold and Red Box Only (P1))

Zone 3 and 4 (comes with additional 3 pre-filters) (P1, P2, P3))

Zone 5 = Well Water (comes with additional 5 pre-filters) (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5))

Zone 6 = Sea Water (call for more details for homes, yachts, and boats)

2019: Pre Filter #1 are semi-transparent providing a clear visual when it gets dirty. Areas with dirtier water (zone 3,4,5,6) and older homes with older pipes are most likely have a higher replacement frequency. 

Estimated Pre Filter #1 (P1) change frequency schedule.

Zone 1 = 5-6 months

Zone 2 = 4-5 months

Zone 3 = 3-4 months

Zone 4 = 2-3 months

Zone 5 = 1-2 months

Your consumption volume and water quality in the region may alter the change frequency.

Your cost analysis by gallons consumed: Click Here

If you are an existing customer in Zone 3,4,5 and did not receive pre-filters on your original purchase of our water system, upon your next filter renewal, we will provide you the pre-filters system (P1, P2, P3) for FREE and send you set up instructions.