Be The Solution

Spring AquaH

1. Safe and Convenient

2. Drink Clean Water Technology

3. No Plastic Waste

4. Energy Independent

5. Promotes Health - Minerals, Hydrogen (Neutralizes free radicals), Alkaline (PH 9.2-9.5) Better Absorbtion (Micro Clustering)

6. Affordable Financing*

7. Installation Included*

*Installation fee of $595 is waived within 21 days purchasing decision period. 33 cent/gallon calculations based on these factors: Inflation, tap water cost,interest from financing, and taxes are not accounted for, Spring AquaH system annual clean water capacity before filter change is required: 1600 gallons, the quality of the water in your area may affect the filter change frequency, annual cost of filter: $275.00, system warranty: up to 15 years, cost of technology: $3995, financing for homeowners: starting at $39.95/month, financing for renters: as low as $62.50/month, financing is pending credit approval.