A road that brought people together - Spring AquaH

Building relationships may lead one to many new experiences. Keep moving forward by making progress everyday and you are closer to your goals. Below is summarized story of the inception of Spring AquaH

When did this process begin?

2014 - September - Kenny Lu was on a self paid 7 day business trip to Taiwan. The main purpose of the trip was be a translator for an American nutritional supplement business and several businessman from Taiwan that was interested in developing health and wellness for China/SE Asia region. It was on that trip Kenny met the important people which later turned out to be the people who developed Spring AquaH Clean water technology.

What meeting created the spark?

2014 November - Kenny Lu went back to Taiwan to develop and further the relationships of people that he met on the previous trip. The spark came from a McDonalds breakfast meeting between Kenny and a Chinese businessman, who now is his godfather because of the mentor-ship. The conversations were about building a bridge between Asia and USA by building businesses related to health, wellness, clean energy, clean water, clean air, and beauty products. Kenny's godfather played an important role in the business partnership with Professor Henry Chai, the inventor.

What was the most difficult challenge?

2015-2016 - One of the most difficult things to work through is trying to bridge the cultural and business differences, between the American and the Asia culture.

When was the first team assembled?

2016 July - Earlier that year we knew that we were close in getting our technology ready. In July, the first group of entrepreneurs assembled together by Kenny were invited to Asia to see the labs, meet the inventor, learn from the engineers, and see the manufacturing.

When was the inception of Spring AquaH?

2017 October - A start up team was finalized and Spring AquaH became a legal business entity.

When was the first sale and installation?

2017 February - Our first sale and installation was on Feb 1st 2017. That was the first day our company was in operations with the public market.