Friends and Family Loan Program

Vision and Mission

Good Water is the foundation of life.  It is core to every living being.  Yet the water we drink isn’t as safe as we think it is.  Pollution has made our water worse Pollution and person on this earth deserves good, clean, and safe water.  And it is our mission to provide this to the world.  Spring Aqua clean water technology brings life to people with the water, brings life to people through education, and brings life to people with our platform and business. With our heart-centered approach, this will be an ongoing process of moving forward and making progress every day.


Our Operating Team

Tien-Lin (Kenny) Lu

Chief Executive Officer & President

Majority Partner


Kelvin Lau

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Operating Partner


Dallas Clounch

Chief Technology Officer

Operating Partner


Luis Eguia

Chief of International Business

Operating Partner


Allen Chen

Head of Operations Team

Operating Partner


Bill Hsu

Chief Investors Relations officer

Operating Partner


Our Products

Spring Aqua 14 Filter Water System

Our flagship product with a base price of $3700. This system filters, alkalizes, and injects Hydrogen ions into the water. Yet, we recognize that not all homes and water sources are created equal. That’s why we also have 3 additional filter sets on top of our base system to help with the varying regions:

  • Regular 14 filter system – this system will operate well with water from 0-400 total dissolved solvents.

  • Regular 14 filter system + Pre-Filter System (3 filters) – this system will operate with water from 400-1000 total dissolved solvents, well water and rain water.

  • Regular 14 filter system + Enhanced Pre-Filter System (3 filters) – this system will operate with water from 1000 + total dissolved solvents and well water.

  • Regular 14 filter system + Sea Water System – this system handles salt water from the sea. The system can be installed on yachts, boats, and homes that utilize sea water for drinking purposes.

Gen 1: 2016-2018

Gen 2: starts 2019 NEW

Gen 3: April-May 2019 COMING SOON

Spring Aqua Shower Filter

This shower filter provides many of the filtering benefits our flagship water system provides to give a clean and safe water showering experience.  It is easy to install and sells for $149.  This filter needs to be replaced annually. 

  • Nano Bacteria Silver to remove and kill bacteria

  • Removes Chlorine and Chemicals

  • Far infrared technology to allow water to easily clean the skin and help body absorb

  • Removes Heavy Metals

  • Maifan Stone to put minerals back into the water.

Spring Aqua 8 Filter Water System

This is our next product that we will introduce to the market.  It is a smaller water filtration system and focuses on filtration and pH levels.  The target for this unit is for the masses and will be ready in late 2019.

  • Target audience is smaller families, apartments, and those seeking a product that still stresses on clean and safe water, yet at a lower price point

  • Type of water produced: clean, hydrogen, alkaline, micro clustering, and mineral water.

Our Technology

PURE like springs

There are several mountain springs that attract millions of people annually due to the healing properties of the water. These are known as the “healing” or “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Lourdes, France; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan.


A common factor in each of these springs in different corners of the globe? Their waters are rich in dissolved molecular hydrogen.


Scientists have studied the content of the water and the rock layers through which it flows, and Spring Aqua has re-created that ECOSYSTEM in a compact box professionally installed under your sink. Now you can experience natural, clean water with all its benefits for everyone in your family. We bring Mother Nature into the comfort and convenience of your own home.​

CLEAN water technology


It is recommended that we drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, but do we really know what’s in our water?


In 2016 CNN reported that 218 million Americans have water contaminated by the "Eric Brockovich chemical" referring to Chromium-6, the carcinogen at the center of the 2000 film starring Julia Roberts.

In 2017 USA TODAY reported that 94% of tap water in the United States is contaminated with plastic fibers according to research conducted by ORB International Research and the University of Minnesota.


Did You Know?

  • 40,000 contaminants linked to cancer are found in U.S. drinking water?

  • 7 million Americans are supplied with water containing nitrates?

  • 19,000 U.S. water systems contains lead and up to 205 foreign chemicals?

Check water quality in your Zip Code: (Environmental Working Group)



Spring Aqua, the only patented 14 filtration system, surpasses all industry standards and offers our customers clean water technology. We are SGS certified. SGS is a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. It has more than 90,000 employees and operates over 2,000 offices and laboratories worldwide.

SAFE to consume

Environmentally Safe - Winner of the best ECO-Friendly Award 2016 by World Invention Intellectual Properties Association, Japan.


Medical Grade Steel Faucet - We provide a beautiful 316-L surgical grade stainless steel faucet. Water is a life long necessity. This faucet ensure that there will be no leaching of metals from the faucet itself.


Leak Protection - A safety switch for leaks is built in to help protect your home and the water machine itself from major issues.


Installation and Warranty - We provide professional installation so thatthe technology is safely, neatly tucked under the sink, or where you desire it to be. It comes with a 5 year warranty extendable up 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.

LIFE promoting

HYDROGEN (Neutralizes Free Radicals). - It is recommended to drink anywhere between 1.0 mg/L - 3.0 mg/L of hydrogen water for therapeutic effect (source: Molecular Hydrogen Foundation).   Spring AquaH is specially designed to generate negative hydrogen ion water, 1.4 mg/L - 1.6mg/L, and creates water with up to -750mv redox potential (ORP), providing our water with exemplary antioxidant properties. and capable of donating electrons to harmful radicals in the body and preserve cellular health


An example of a negative hydrogen ion "donating" one of its electrons to a harmful radical, that otherwise would steal it from the body. The -H ion is actually able to stop the radical from "stealing" an electron from within the body’s cells, helping the body’s cells maintaining their health and performance. 

ALKALINE WATER - Alkaline water may help promote a healthy pH balance in our body. Due to the pollution, food, environment and stress that we go through daily, maintaining a healthy pH is important to prevent acidosis, which may affect our quality of life. Spring AquaH Water has pH of 9.2.-9.5.


MICRO-CLUSTER WATER - Water molecules are measured in clusters rather than a single molecule. Many people have experienced being very bloated after drinking a few glasses of tap or bottled water. Tap and bottled water have 14-20 molecules in a cluster, which is considered large and difficult to absorb (maybe a 5-10% absorbtion rate) resulting in a bloated feeling. Spring AquaH water is easy to absorb. It has been tested by using Nuclear Magnetic Resonar, measuring it under 1-2 molecules in a cluster (increasing hydration by over 60%), therefore, feeling bloated is not a concern.


MINERALS - Minerals in water can be very beneficial to our health. Besides getting the natural minerals from our water source, our technology adds minerals back into the water as micro-nutrient elements and these are essential to a healthy human body. Examples are:

-Calcium        -Zinc        -Selenium        - Iron        -Copper        -Magnesium

Friends and Family Loan Program 2019


We are excited for you to participate in our Friends and Family Loan Program.  Through this program, we will use the proceeds to accelerate our growth throughout 2019.  We offer three different terms in our loan program which is dependent on how much you are contributing.  In return, we will offer a competitive interest rate on the loan as well as an opportunity to purchase shares of stock in the future when it becomes available.




Tier 1:
Loan amount: $5000 -$9,999
Loan Term: 6 months, with Spring Aqua the first option to extend to 12 months.
Interest Rate: 8% APY

Tier 2:
Loan Amount: $10,000 – $14,999
Loan Term: 12 Months
Interest Rate: 10% APY


Tier 3:

Loan Amount: $15,000 – no limit

Loan Term: 12 Months

Interest Rate: 12% APY


Referral Bonus Interest Rate:

For each successful loan referral above $10,000.00, an additional bonus 1.5% APY of the referred amount will be awarded to the referrer. Bonus pay out will be at the end of the referred loan term.


For each successful loan referral above $50,000.00, an additional bonus 2% APY of the referred amount will be awarded to the referrer. Bonus pay out will be at the end of the referred loan term.



Collateral for the loan will be on the water filtration units which are retailed for $3700 per unit. The amount of collateral is dependent on the total loan value.


Future Company Share Purchase Option:

Spring Aqua will have a point system to calculate contribution levels for each lender that participates in our Friends and Family Loan Program. This point system will determine the priority level for each lender to purchase Spring Aqua shares once it become available in the future. Please see below for how the points are calculated:

Loan Amount






1 point

5 points

12 Points

25 Points

Bonus Points for Referral

1 point

2 points

5 points

8 points

*Every $1,000.00 after $20,000.00 is an additional 1 point*

Sample Loan Agreement