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Every Year, Dr. Oz and his charity HealthCorps hosts an annual gala fundraiser for children with mental health challenges. In that process, 5-6 companies in the wellness industry are invited to his home to present their concepts, ideas, and business in front of the board of advisory and board of directors. Many of the innovative companies are developing technologies for the future relating to wellness. This event allows these companies to build connections and to receive advise. Spring Aqua was invited as the water technology wellness company.


"It was a great honor to present to Dr. Oz and his board. This was a very heart-centered experience and Spring Aqua was definitely the highlight of the evening."

HealthCorps, founded by Dr Oz, is a national non-profit organization devoted to making students feel stronger mentally and physically. HealthCorps strengthens communities with the most innovative approaches to health and wellness to make the next generation more resilient. HealthCorps students exercise more, eat better and practice positive thoughts. 


Spring Aqua and HealthCorps Collaboration

As part of Spring Aqua vision to support children in our communities, Spring Aqua donated $20,000 USD in 2018 to HealthCorps and will continue to support their mission.

We want to thank Nicholas Zaldastani, CEO of Brain Tap, HealthCorps Advisory Board member, for introducing Dr Oz and his team to our Spring Aqua family. May our vision and mission together continue to serve our community and build confidence and strength to our children.


Re-Invitation to 2019 Dr. Oz home Mentorship

On December 14th, 2018, Spring Aqua received the Official re-invitation to Dr. Oz home mentorship with advisory board and board of directors program. Thank you Nicholas Zaldastani (CEO of Brain Tap) for recommending us again. Spring Aqua will be the only water technology company there and we are excited to continue our support to serving our community. We are ready to work and learn with Dr. Oz team.

In 2018, our company had an amazing experience. We were able to validate some of our work through Dr Oz team. A few things that were highly accepted and recognized by his team was the localization of filters, Eco System in a Box, uses no power, and the simplicity of the business system. 


SPRING AQUA is committed for 2019 in Sponsoring Health Corps annual Gala.