Adding Pre Filter (Orange) to an existing Spring Aqua water system.

Pre Filter P1, P2, P3 (Orange) installation instructions, with an existing water unit.


What comes in the box

  1. P1 Filter

  2. P2 Filter

  3. P3 Filter

  4. Orange Holder where the filters are attached to it

  5. White ¼ Nylon Pipe

  6. Blue Shut off valve connected before the “IN” of the orange holder.

Understand Push Connectors

A short video on how push connect works (please watch before proceding) 

Make sure all pipes and connectors are pushed all the way in.



1. Shut off water supply. There is a shut of valve or knob is usually located under the sink for the cold-water line. Turn it off. To CHECK: Run cold water from the faucet above your sink to make sure no more water is coming out.


2. Disconnect the white nylon pipe from the back of your machine. Please remove the blue horse shoe lock. Take that white pipe and connect it to the pre-filter blue shut off valve at the "In" side of the pre-filter


3. Connect the “new white ¼ nylon pipe that you received in the package to the pre-filter side labeled “OUT”. Make sure you push the pipe all the way in. Some of the pre-filters do not come with elbows, those are not necessary.



4. Turn the water on, make sure all the shut off values are on, and flush the Pre Filter for 1 min. You will need to aim the white ¼ nylon pipe coming out of the pre filter “OUT” towards the sink so that the water is drained in the sink while flushing.


5. After flushing for 1 min, turn off the blue shut off valve on the pre-filter. This will turn the water off.

Connect the white nylon ¼ pipe to the back of the machine. It would be labeled “In” or the bottom right hole and the very right.


6. Then you can turn the water on from the blue shut off value on the pre-filter to start running to water through the machine for drinking water.

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