14 Filter Water System

Things you will need before installation (not provided by Spring Aqua)


Connector (Home Depot or Lowe’s)

Zip-tie to tie the 1/4 water line together.


For the water supply, you will need to attach a 1/4 inch split T (not provided by Spring Aqua) from under the sink COLD water line. Many people use a brass splitter to 1/4 pipe or the John Guest 3/8 in. Comp x 1/4 in. O.D. Polypropylene Push-to-Connect Angle Stop Adapter Valve and attach it to the cold water line. Make sure the cold water line is shut off before installing.

Correct drill bit for the kitchen counter.


Make sure there is a hole or extra hole to fit the faucet on the sink. The hole needs to be min 1 inch and 1/4 in size. Please make sure you use the correct drill bit for the right type of surface.


Basic Plumbing Pipes and Equipment


If drain pipes gets in the way under the sink, please re-route it so that so that the box may fit under the sink.


Remove all the packaging


Open up the box and remove all the packaging. Open up the door panel, remove filters 1, 2, and 3 to remove the package in the middle of the machine in between the filters. Then put back filters 1, 2, and 3. There is a map of the filters inside the front panel of the machine.

What’s comes in the box?


1. Water machine and filters in the box.

2. Faucet and 3 push connectors in a brown box.

3. Red, Blue and White pipe.

4. 3 x Cotton Ball, Store these for filter renewal and leaks usage.

5. Extra filter number 1, store for 6-9 month filter change.

6. Push Connectors blue locks.

7. 3 elbow connectors.

Installation of Faucet


1. Take faucet out of the brown box.

Faucet Front

Faucet Back

2. Make sure there is an existing hole for the faucet, if not, please drill a hole.

3. Install the faucet into the hole by loosening the nuts and removing the two hole ring. The two hole ring will go under the sink and the nuts will be screw and tighten from under the sink (a long skinny ranch is provided to professional installers to help tighten the nuts).

4. Use the skinny long ranch to tighten the faucet.

5. Install the push connectors on the faucet, the blue line on the right and the red line on the left.  Make sure the pipes are pushed all the way in and also the blue locks are not removed.

Connecting the faucet and machine to the water line


1. Make sure there is enough space under the sink, if drain pipes are in the way, please reroute so that the machine can fit.

2. Behind the machine are labeled connectors. Push in all the way to connect 3 elbow connectors to the white, blue and red holes in the back of the machine.

3. Make sure the blue locks are installed to the push connect pipes.

4. Connect the white pipe from the machine to the cold water supply from under the sink. If you are in an area where a pre-set filter is required, please connect the white water line from the machine to the pre-set filter. For more instructions on pre-set filter installations, go to: www.springaqua.com/maintenance

5. Do not cut the red, blue and white pipe to make it shorter. We need to have the ability to move the machine out from under the sink to make filter change when the time is due.

6. Turn on the cold water line and flush the system for 10 mins with both sides and then for an additional 10 mins on the right side (blue side).

7. Check and make sure there are no leaks.

Complete Installation

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