Switching from 14 Filter Single Box (black) to the 14 Filter 2 Box System (Gold and Red)

Removal of the Spring Aqua 14 Filter Single Box System

  1. Turn off the water the supply. This is usually a blue shut off valve located at the pre-filter before the water enters at P1, or under the sink at the cold water pipe where the split T is located.

  2. Installation of pre-filter. Please follow the pre-filter setup instructions on www.springaqua.com/maintenance and click on 1st-time pre filter installation. If you already have a pre-filter, please skip this step.

  3. Faucet: There are two lines coming down from under the faucet. The blue pipe (right side) and red pipe (left side). Those water pipes are connected to the back of the Black Box. Here are the instructions to remove them.

    1. Turn both sides of the faucet knob down to run the water until the water stops running.

    2. Remove the horseshoe locks (3 of them) at the back of the black box. One for each of the red, white, and blue pipe.

    3. Once this has been completed, you will have successfully disconnected the Black box machine and you can remove it from under the sink.

Installation of the 14 Filter 2 Box System (Gold and Red)

  1. Unpack the Gold and Red Box. They both come wrapped in protective padding. You may want to keep the padding in case you decide to move to travel with the water system.

  2. Locate the accessory kit, it should be in a plastic zip lock like bag.

  3. Setting Up the GOLD AND RED BOX by taking the ELBOW Connectors and pushing them into all the holes in the GOLD AND RED BOX (5 total)

4. Connect the pipe coming out of the pre-filter into the Gold Box back labeled “IN”

5. Organize the GOLD AND RED Box so that they can all fit under the sink or basement.

6. Cut the white pipe that you have received to about 30 inches in length. This is the pipe that you are going to use to connect both the red box and the gold box. Make sure all the pipes are cut 90 degrees perpendicular and not at an angle.

7. Connect the white pipe from the back of the GOLD BOX Labeled “C” to the back of RED BOX Labeled “IN”

8. Connect the RED Faucet LINE to the back of the GOLD BOX labeled “E”.

9. Connect the BLUE Faucet LINE to the back of the RED BOX labeled “H”.

10. Secure the horseshoe locks on all the push connectors.

  1. Gold Box (3 locks)

  2. Red Box (2 locks)

11. Organize all the boxes so that everything looks clean and ready to go.

12. Turn on the water supply and run the water left side and right side simultaneously.

13. Take a flashlight and shine it on all the pipes and connectors to make sure that there are no leaks.

14. Flush both sides together for 10 mins, and then flush an additional 10 mins on the right side.

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