Gold & Red Box

Model # 22

Product Specialty

  1. Energy Independent (Used No electricity)

  2. Does not waste water

  3. One Machine two Functions. Right side drinking water and Left side cooking water. 

  4. 5-year warranty up to 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.

  5. Water leak safety switch

  6. Water Pressure Safety Meter

  7. Flow meter is set 1600 gallons a year, the certified quantity before requiring filter change.

  8. Filters are Certified by SGS

  9. Pre Filters are included. 

  10. Product Manufacturing in a NSF Certified facility

  11. Produces 1.4 mg/L to 1.6 mg/ L of Hydrogen

  12. pH of Water is 9.0-9.5 Alkaline, Alkaline water is naturally created, not artificially created.

  13. Minerals - Maifan Stone

  14. Advanced hydration Micro Clustering

  15. Filters are localized by Region and Zip Code

Appearance and Characteristics Size

  1. Gold: Width 6.5" x Depth 16.25" x Height 15.5", weight 22lbs

  2. Red: Width 5.6" x Depth 13.25" x Height 13.8", weight 16lbs

  3. Velocity of Flow: 0.5GPM(1.89LPM)

  4. Withstanding Water Pressure: 10psi- 140psi

  5. Water Temperature Range: 40F - 98F

  6. Withstanding Max Water Pressure: 700psi

  7. 14 Filters



Size: Base to top: 12”

The faucet is made out of 316L medical grade steel maintaining the highest quality of water possible.

(SGS certified)