14 Filters Black Box

Model # SA88-1 

Product Specialty


  1. Energy Independent

  2. Does not waste water

  3. One Machine two Functions. Right side drinking water and Left side cooking water. 

  4. 5 year warranty up to 15 years with the correct annual filter replacement.

  5. Water leak safety switch

  6. Water Pressure Safety Meter

  7. Flow meter is set 1600 gallons a year, the certified quantity before requiring filter change.

  8. Spring Aqua App for Service.

  9. Filters are Certified by SGS

  10. Product Manufacturing in a NSF Certified facility

  11. Produces 1.4 mg/L to 1.6 mg/ L of Hydrogen

  12. pH of Water is 9.0-9.5 Alkaline, Alkaline water is naturally created, not artificially created.

  13. Minerals - Maifan Stone

  14. Advanced hydration Micro Clustering

  15. Filters are localized by Region and Zip Code

Appearance and Characteristics Size


  1. Approx: Length 15", Width 9", Height 15"

  2. Weight: Approx 33lbs

  3. Velocity of Flow: 0.5GPM(1.89LPM)

  4. Withstanding Water Pressure: 10ps i - 100psi (0.7-7.9kg/cm)

  5. Water Temperature Range: 40F - 98F

  6. Withstanding Max Water Pressure (Patented): 700psi

  7. 14 Filters

  8. Water Tight Seamless Joints for Running Water (Patented)

  9. Energy Independent (no electricity required)

  10. Filtration System



The faucet is made out of 316L medical grade steel maintaining the highest quality of water possible.

(SGS certified)