14 Filter Change (Main Water Machine)

1. Shut off the water supply (shut off valve located under the sink)

2. Flip up the safety switch either located in the back of the machine under filter 13, or the front of the machine under filter #1. In the ring there is a cotton ball, it is a safety shut off switch. When the cotton ball gets wet, it will expand and shut of the machine. Please have a towel available to cover the cotton ball to prevent it from getting wet.

3. Drain the faucet attached to the Spring Aqua machine to make sure that the water supply has been shut off.

4. Open front door and a map of filters are there on the door.

5. Remove all filters (except #4 and # 5 inside above the box).

6. Reset flow meter to 1600 Gallons.

7. Replace all the filters following the map on the front door panel.

8. Make sure safety switch is down (cotton ball), if it popped up that means water dripped into the base from the process of filter change which will expand the cotton ball in the safety switch causing it to shut.

9. Turn on the water supply.

10. Flush for 10 mins both sides and then stop the left side and leave the right side going for another 10-15 mins.

11. Store the extra filter #1, you will need that in 6-9 months to replacement.

12. Give it 3 days for taste to get better and 3 weeks to optimize the taste.

13. If you need further assistance, please contact your local accounts manager or call 1-888-850-3743 to locate one.

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